Who We Are

Westman Aphasia Inc. (WAI) is a non-profit, community-based, charitable organization dedicated to addressing the needs of individuals and their caregivers who are living with a chronic communication disorder known as aphasia. WAI is led by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Unfortunately, many Canadians, healthcare agencies and healthcare providers have limited knowledge or understanding about aphasia. WAI was formed over 14 years ago to increase awareness of aphasia and to provide support and services to people with aphasia and their caregivers and families. We also offer education to caregivers, healthcare providers, and the public about aphasia and its causes and effects. We can help those who live with aphasia communicate more effectively, and we can help their network of support learn tools and strategies so they can communicate better with the person who has aphasia.

Our primary funder is the Brandon & District United Way, but we also rely on other public and corporate support and grants to help continue and expand our programs and services.

For more information on Westman Aphasia Inc., see our brochure.

Our 2022 Board Members

Susan Cable, Board Chair
Carole Black, Secretary
Bev Laird Borotsik, Director
Barbara Laluk, Director
Cindy Medd, Treasurer
Kim Melnyk, Director
Karlie Mymryk, Co-Vice-Chair
Erin Nolan, Co-Vice-Chair
Jo Pettypiece, Director
Darlynne Smith, Director

Our Program Clinicians

Glenda Gandza, MD
Brenda Rust, MA SLP (C)

Our Staff

Susan Cable, Chief Administrative Officer