Covid 19

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Province of Manitoba: COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus


Strokes in Younger Patients Tied to Covid-19

In New York, doctors have reported that the new corona virus appears to be causing sudden strokes in a small number of adults in their 30’s and 40’s who only have mild symptoms of COVID 19.  The doctors are concerned that these patients did not seek immediate attention when they had signs of a stroke because they were worried that hospitals were overwhelmed by COVID cases.

A neurosurgeon at Mount Sinai in New York wants people to watch themselves for symptoms of COVID 19 and to call 911 if they have any signs of a possible stroke:

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What is Covid-19? A Resource for People with Aphasia

COVID-19-Aphasia-Friendly-Information (PDF)

Click on the above link for an aphasia-friendly tool from Tactus Therapy in British Columbia. This is a good resource for caregivers and family to help explain COVID-19 and the safe health practices that are being advised at this time. It uses SCA tools like keywords and pictures to assist in getting the information across in an aphasia-friendly manner. The message can be clarified by using other SCA tools such as your own drawings, gesturing and verifying the information. If you have any questions please email us at


Aphasia Institute on Covid-19

Aphasia Institute on Covid-19 Resources (PDF)

A resource tool from the Aphasia Institute in Toronto on why one shouldn’t attend a group session if they or someone they live with is ill, how to watch for symptoms and what you can do from home to stay healthy.